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Plug gaps and accelerate progress
with 1-to-1 Maths tuition

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Engages children
in Maths

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Pupils improve
their reasoning

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Quick and
easy to setup

How it works

Y6 Pupils receive 12 weekly 1-to-1 lessons from specialist Maths tutors from September 2017

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    Select Pupils

    We suit all abilities,
    but primarily focus on those working below expectations or eligible for Pupil Premium.

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    Choose Lessons

    The class teacher selects an individual lesson for each pupil, tailored to their learning gaps.

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    1-to-1 Tutor

    Each pupil and tutor
    have a weekly 1-to-1 online Maths lesson, sharing a screen and speaking via a headset and microphone.

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    Develop Reasoning

    Each child has a
    personlised lesson, working through questions with their tutor, explaining their reasoning and plugging any gaps.

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    Review Progress

    You receive weekly and termly reports on your pupils' progress, useful for Governors, Ofsted and Pupil Premium reporting.

Our Impact

In a 2016 trial, pupils made 7 months' progress over 14 weeks.

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Why is this only available for UK primary schools?

Our tutors are Maths specialists who follow a programme of training developed with the Institute of Education, that is specifically focused on the requirements of the primary Key Stage 2 Maths curriculum with its focus on depth and mastery.

Will this work for my Pupil Premium children?

The majority of the pupils we teach (although by no means all) are in receipt of Pupil Premium. Often these pupils have specific difficulties around reasoning and a lack of confidence in Maths which can be a barrier to progress. Our tutors work to develop a growth mindset as well as key conceptual knowledge for the pupils. Impact can be tracked in weekly and termly reports for SLT, Ofsted and governors.

How is this different from other interventions?

Evidence from research with EEF and others is that, to be effective, Maths interventions need to be delivered by those with expertise in the subject. All the tutors delivering our 1-to-1 lessons are Maths specialists, who know the curriculum inside out and have the numerical fluency to support children to overcome their misconceptions in Maths. The result is that pupils make accelerated progress.

Do you use a mastery approach?

We have high expectations of all our pupils and encourage a deep understanding of the concepts covered in our lessons. Each lesson has warm up questions that test the prerequisite knowledge and a short post session quiz so that the tutor can navigate to a particular lesson to plug gaps or know to review an area in their subsequent lesson. Tutors instil grit and perseverance through specific praise and rewarding effort rather than outcomes. Last term, 73% of our pupils who disagreed with the statement ‘Everyone could do well if they worked hard’, radically changed their opinion by the end of the intervention to believe that the harder you work, the better you do.