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Plug gaps and accelerate progress
with our 1-to-1 Maths tuition

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Better test outcomes

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Develops confidence

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Engages children in Maths

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Pupils improve their reasoning

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Quick and easy to setup

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How It Works

Your target Year 6 pupils will receive a weekly 1-to-1 Maths lesson every week in the Autumn Term.

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1. Select Your Pupils

We suit all abilities,
but primarily focus on those working below expectations or eligible for Pupil Premium.

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2. Choose Lessons

The class teacher selects an individual lesson for each pupil, tailored to their learning gaps.

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3. 1-to-1 Tutor

Each pupil and tutor
have a 1-to-1 online Maths lesson, sharing a screen and speaking via a headset and microphone.

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4. Develop Reasoning

Each child has a
personalised lesson, working through questions with their tutor, explaining their reasoning and plugging any gaps.

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5. Review Progress

You receive weekly and termly reports on your pupils' progress, useful for Governors, Ofsted and Pupil Premium reporting.

From only £189 per pupil per term!

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The best way to find out more about our interventions
is a 15 minute demonstration over the phone!

£200 off
When you book before 9th June

Our Impact

In a 2016 trial with Rising Stars, pupils who had weekly interventions from Third Space Learning tutors made 7 months' progress over 14 weeks.

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What impact do you see?

We often see pupils make accelerated progress. In a 2016 trial with Rising Stars, pupils made 7 months progress in 14 weeks. Pupils grow in confidence, verbal fluency with numerical concepts and re-engage with Maths.

Who are your tutors?

All our tutors are maths specialists by degree or training. The majority are STEM graduates. They are trained against our 1-to-1 learning framework which we developed with academics from the IOE. They receive substantial training and ongoing CPD overseen by a team of former Primary and Secondary Maths teachers.

How do the pupils find it?

They love it! Pupils really enjoy their 1-to-1 lessons with their tutors. Tutors personalise the learning to the pupils’ interests, give appropriate praise and encouragement, and ensure the pupils are working in their ZPD.

How much work is it for my staff?

Our ambition is to make our 1-to-1 tuition as quick and easy to manage as possible. For a group of 10 pupils, a class teacher would spend 10-15 minutes each week reviewing weekly progress reports and selecting next weeks’ lessons.

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Interested? Contact us for a 15 minute demonstration