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Software Development

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Our Priorities

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We are building a standards-compliant classroom comprising of an HTML 5 whiteboard and WebRTC voice channel, which works entirely in the browser without installation or plug-ins.

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We are moving our platform architecture toward micro-services to provide automated scaling, and a PaaS to support external clients.

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We will be building a system that can understand the interactions that take place within a maths class to intelligently (and automatically) determine best teaching practice. This is likely to include multiple regression analysis, neural nets, machine learning, and voice recognition.

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As more schools adopt tablets, notably iOS and Android, we will be building out a mobile solution for Third Space Learning pupils.

Our Stack

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How we roll

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Code, clean, repeat

Following an Agile environment we work in 2 week flexible sprints that can be stretched or shortened. As you would expect in Agile there are stand-ups everyday and sprint retrospectives so we keep improving.

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Besides coding

We work on creating solutions together with other teams from the moment problems arise. We help the business understand what can be done from a tech point of view, which helps create better and clearer requirements.

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Spike days

Freedom! Every month we have a spike day where we can be creative in how we help the company solve problems. Try new technologies, prototype a library or have an idea for a new feature - these are all possible and heavily encouraged.

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Review and redo

We have code reviews and we use them as best we can. Be it to improve our standards of code, or teach others amazing new tricks, we focus on reviewing and redoing so that only the best remains.