Football Primary Maths Activities for the FA Cup: KS2 Topical Maths [4]

By David Leighton 

Use these free FA Cup Final football Maths activities for primary schools to bring purpose and context to Key Stage 2 problem solving and investigations; number 4 in the summer series of blogs linking classroom KS2 Mathematics lessons and resources to topical, calendar-based events.

As we draw near to the end of May, our summer-term tour of topical Maths investigations is ready to stop at the FA Cup Final for some footie Maths! The first ever FA Cup (or the Football Association Challenge Cup) was played through 1871-72, making it the oldest football competition in the world. It's also one of the most popular.

Considering that pupil engagement is closely linked to how interested they are in their work, the popularity of the FA Cup makes it an ideal candidate for a topical investigation to get your pupils practising their all important reasoning skills.

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20 topical maths problems and investigations for June - July 2017

With this in mind, below is a Maths investigation linked to the FA Cup 2017 for you to try out in the classroom this week, plus a host of online football Maths games! For the printable football Maths activity worksheets and more Summer-term 2017 activities linked to topical Maths, download your free topical problem solving resource

Football Maths Key Stage 2 investigation: 'Average Analysis'

Here are the results from the 2017 FA Cup 1/8-finals and quarter-finals:

Football maths

Using the image above, work out the answers to the following questions.

1. How many goals were scored in total?
2. Which team scored the highest number of goals in both rounds?
3. Which teams scored 3 goals in both rounds?
4. Which match had the largest goal difference?
5. Which match resulted in a draw?
6. Calculate the mean, mode and the median number of goals scored. Round any decimals to 1 decimal place.


KS2 Football fractions games 

Enjoy the reasoning around footie Maths, and don't forget to tweet us @thirdspacetweet and tell us what you get up to in school for the FA Cup Final!

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