Why we support NSPCC Number Day

By Tom Hooper 

This Friday is the NSPCC number Day, a brilliant day aimed at two very important goals – engaging children in maths and raising money for the NSPCC. The NSPCC is the leading Children's charity in the UK, committed to child protection since 1895 (when Queen Victoria granted them a Royal Charter – a little history fact for your pupils!). 

At Third Space, we are clear believers in the role that education and teachers play in fighting child poverty via social mobility, providing children with the tools to develop in life. Hence we thought that the NSPCC Number Day seemed like something we should spread to our community of teachers and schools. 

Sadly there is still a significant social attainment gap in our schools. There are many wonderful institutions and charities that play a role in trying to close this gap, and we also aim to play our role in helping to achieve this end. When we set Third Space up, we designed our model with the aim of making one-to-one support available to those children that needed it the most. The majority of traditional tutoring takes place at home, and is often the privilege of wealthier children. By using technology, we can access additional academic talent from around the world, and deliver this support to those children who needed it the most, whilst ensuring this supported what they are learning in class (under the direction of their teacher). 

It is early days in our journey, but already we are working with 3600 children a week, 51% of whom are from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

So far, so good. To continue following our journey, please do come back to our blog, where our team of teachers and researchers will be delivering white-papers and blog posts on maths and the education sector. 

For any of you who are interested to learn more about NSPCC Number Day, we'd encourage you to click here to see how your school can get involved.

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