“With Third Space, our students improved by 2-3 sub-levels in only one term.”

Somers Heath Primary School

“It’s a very engaging way for them to have maths lessons. They loved it!”

All Saints Church of England Junior School

"We used Third Space for a talented Year 4 student. It has done wonders for him, further boosting his confidence.”

Castledyke Primary School

“Third Space allowed us to provide a personalised agenda for each child, plugging their individual learning gaps.”

Green Park Primary School

“In their SATs tests, the children performed much higher than expected. Over 15 weeks, the average progress was 3.4 APS.”

Pinfold Street Primary School

“Last year the children made superb progress, so this year we’ve put 20 children into Third Space and it’s been ideal.”

Rush Green Primary School
Working in partnership with BETT 2014 winner - innovation in maths and science
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